Thursday, October 4, 2012

Arctic Region Rich In Resources, Lacking In Framework

The arctic region.
MADRID (Eurasia Review)--Arctic ice has receded more over the past decade than at any other point in history, with summer ice melts making more areas accessible than ever before. The newly-accessible areas of the Arctic hold huge amounts of oil and gas as well as massive stock of high quality gold, diamond, plutonium and other rare earth minerals. A recent CSIS study found that although some Arctic countries (such as Russia) have claimed to support international cooperation in the Arctic, they have bolstered their military presence in the region. Since the region lacks any coherent framework to address international interests and concerns, it remains a potential flash point for all countries bordering the Arctic or with interests there. Source: Restructuring Arctic Stability And Global Security - Analysis (Reliability: Medium)

Comments: With even non-Arctic groups ranging from the EU to China expressing interest in exploiting Arctic resources, Arctic countries such as the US must act quickly if they are to protect their interests in strategic minerals, oil, gas, and even fishing.

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