Friday, October 5, 2012

Innovation Metals Finishes Plans For Critical Rare-Earth Element Separation Facility

Innovation Metal's Rare-Earth Element Separation Facility
QUEBEC (AZOM) --On 5 October 2012, Innovation Metals announced the completion by GENIVAR Inc. of a set of process flow diagrams ("PFDs") for the extraction and purification stages of IMC's future critical rare-earth element (REE) separation facility in Becancour, Quebec. Starting with a mixed REE carbonate feedstock, produced by blending individual feedstock received from various future REE producers, the process starts with an acid-leaching phase, to solubilize the REEs, followed by a cascade of separation stages based on solvent-extraction techniques. As a result, the process creates formation of thirteen distinct high-purity rare-earth chloride products.
Source: IMC Collaborates to Develop PFDs For Rare-Earth Element Separation Facility (Reliability: High)

Comment: According to Patrick Wong, CEO of IMC, IMC is now one of the only companies outside of China with detailed quantitative designs for a critical REE separation plant.

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