Friday, September 28, 2012

Crossland Uranium Mine's Charley Creek Project A Potential Early Rare Earth Producer

Figure taken from Crossland website showing drill
sites in Charley Creek with a high potential TREO
NORTHERN TERRITORY, AUSTRALIA (STEEL GURU) -- Crossland Uranium Mines recently completed heavy mineral concentrate pilot test work at its Charley Creek Project in Northern Territory and the results obtained reinforce Crossland's ability to turn the project into an early low cost and long term producer of valuable rare earth oxides.  The results of the study also confirm that the Crossland can successfully concentrate the xenotime and monazite rare earth bearing minerals at Charley Creek using low cost technology commonly used in the mineral sand industry.  Crossland also identified simple flowsheet improvements to improve Total Rare Earth Oxide (TREO) recoveries during the next phase of test work. Source: Crossland Uranium Mines' Testwork Shows Charley Creek Could Be Early Rare Earths Producer (Reliability: High

Comment:  According to Steel Guru, potential buyers have already approached Crossland for output from Charley Creek, and Crossland plans to further develop xenotime and monazite concentration production.  Since the mineralization is found in alluvial deposits (free digging) Crossland can conduct mining operations at a low cost.   

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