Friday, September 21, 2012

GTP Partners With AERC To Reclaim REM

Mercury Retort System used at AERC
FLANDERS, NJ (PRWeb) In an attempt to identify new sources of rare earth minerals and create a recovery process, AERC Recycling Solutions (AERC) has partnered wit Global Tungsten & Powders Corporation (GTP).  This agreement permits GTP to extract REM from spent fluorescent lamps. Fluorescent lamps require a mercury and phosphor powder combination, but the mercury has to be removed before the REM can be recovered.  The REMs', Yttrium, Europium, and Terbium are refined and processed into those phosphors used to illuminate.  AERC operates one of the few mercury retort operations in the United States, and is under 150 miles from GTP's Pennsylvania plant.
According to Lindsay Kissell, vice president of sales for AERC, "AERC is very excited to partner with GTP to recover rare earth metals from recycled fluorescent lamps.  We are always looking for ways to improve our processes, recycle more efficiently and find new uses for our recycled materials.  The recover of the rare earth metals is one more way to contribute to the reuse of rare minerals." The president of GTP, Andreas Lackner is also pleased, and stated that "the recycling of rare earth metals found in fluorescent lamps will help GTP minimize the uncertainty surrounding these critical materials".  Source: AERC Recycling Solutions Partners with Global Tungsten and Powders Corporation to Reclaim Rare Earth Metals from Spent Fluorescent Lamps (Reliability: High)

Comment: According to GE, 65 percent of the cost of fluorescent lighting is attributable to the cost of rare earths.  Extracting usable REM will mitigate price fluctuations in the market. Additionally, all AERC facilities are located in the U.S. improving employment rates and contributing to domestic economic growth. 

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