Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nevada's Safe Bet On Gold

Mining operations create jobs that pay approximately
double the national average income for an individual.
LAS VEGAS (Las Vegas Review Journal) -- While Nevada is famous for its tourism, it is little known that the state makes just as much off of its mining industry. Gaming and mining bring in approximately $10 billion a year, each. Most of the money brought in from mining goes into state coffers to support many social programs. In 2011, Nevada processed approximately $24 million in gold each day, helping make the United States the third largest gold producer behind China and Australia. It is estimated that Nevada has 15 years of gold reserves left and is continuing to search for more throughout the state. Production of gold in Nevada is of critical strategic importance, as the United States strives to become less dependent on foreign countries for its minerals. Source: Nevadans Have Long Bet Their Lives, Fortunes On Mining (Reliability: High)

Comment: Nevada acknowledges that mining has its booms and busts, and so it is continually searching for new places to mine, replenishing resources, and being strategic in its operations to make the industry last well into the future.

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