Saturday, September 29, 2012

Gold And Gems Stolen From Cali Museum

The California Mining and Mineral Museum includes
specimens from around the world, including the Fricot
nugget, a mass of crystalline gold from the Gold Rush era. 
MARIPOSA, CALI (FRESNO BEE) -- An estimated $2 million worth of gold nuggets and other precious gems were stolen Friday afternoon from the California State Mining and Mineral Museum, a state parks spokesman said. In the assault, several robbers threatened museum staff with weapons before stealing the gems and gold. According to witnesses, there were two men, one of whom was armed with a pickax. Some of the nuggets are as large as a closed fist, which will make them difficult to sell. Darci Moore, curator of the museum, said that an accurate value of the amount stolen will be unavailable until inventory on the vault can be completed. The thieves also attempted to steal the 13 pound Fricot Nugget, but were unable to break through its casing. Source: Gold, Gems Stolen From Mariposa Museum (Reliability: High)

Comment: With the rising price of precious metals, law enforcement must likely be more aware of threats similar to this robbery. Concentrations of gold, platinum and other minerals, in banks, museums and other locations will be at higher risk. Law enforcement should consider these risks in their planning in the near future.

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