Friday, September 14, 2012

Yttrium Needle Is The Future Of Injections

Erbium doped yttrium aluminum garnet
(Er:YAG Laser)
WASHINGTON (BUSINESS WIRE) -- A laser-powered needle will make flu-shots and any type of injections painless. Microscopic sets of drugs will be blasted into the skin and could make getting a shot similar to being 'hit with a puff of air'. The system uses an yttrium/aluminum compound laser to propel a tiny and precise stream. This type of laser is traditionally used by dermatologists.
Despite other competitors being able to do this mechanically, this method can precisely control the dose and the depth to which the drug is administered. The next step is to produce low cost injectors for clinical use. In the future it may be possible to administer this method to children for mass vaccine injections - pain free. Source: Laser Powered Needle Promises Pain Free Injections (Reliability: Medium)

Comment: Yttrium's uses continue to grow and as a mineral in high demand, it will become more important in the US business sector. With such reliance on this mineral and little in the way of replacements/alternatives - yttrium will continue to be central to the tensions over rare-earths and minerals. Sources of this mineral will be much coveted and fought over in the next 3-5 years.

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